ANNEMA x ADDA – Lacrimi (Official music video)

Feminine energy is understanding, compassionate, nurturing and loving by nature. It takes whatever it is given, remolds and multiplies it. ANNEMA knows that what women get, women transform through their unique gift of being a force of the nature that created them. ADDA​‘s force as an artist is illustrating all the facets of a woman’s character: sensitive, innocent, loving, caring but also unstoppable, unchallenged, unforgettable and an energy to be reckoned with. We are glad that she chose ​ANNEMA​ to represent the fierce element that is in all of us, women. A secret pocket in the dress, that holds our tears and transforms them into strength and resilience in the face of obstacles.


CLICK​ the photo below to ​SEE THE VIDEO​ of her new song “​LACRIMI​” featuring our custom made dress.

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