ANNEMA X Julie Mayaya – Tina Turner TRIBUTE SHOW

It was the 1980s. Dance music and new wave were stepping in, leaving disco to dance-pop, while rock music continued to enjoy a wide audience. However, there was one female artist that showed the same genre fluidity characteristics as artists like Michael Jackson, David Bowie or Prince. Tina Turner​ owned the stage whether it was R&B, Rock and Roll, Soul, Dance or Pop the same way: like a fearless feline, exhibiting sexual charisma and power. She brought raw force, drenched in emotion. As a tribute to her long career and music that survived over so many decades, ​Julie Mayaya​, Romanian singer and winner of the second season of “The Voice of Romania”, is inviting us into the world of the music genius and innovator that this titan, Tina Turner is through a tribute show. ANNEMA was more than glad to pay it’s own tribute to Tina Turner, helping bring to life the powerful woman icon. With the help of fashion stylist ​Ely Adam​, we created an interpretation of Tina’s most impressive outfit signatures, tapping into that bold, confident and steamy energy.

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