2020 Trends through the eyes of JOVSKY STUDIO & ANNEMA – futureland

Since the beginning of fashion industries, the land of the future has always been seen as eccentric, daring and not afraid to flaunt its rebel ways. With that being so, every year we attend shows that give us a glimpse of the next “must have” season. This year, ​FUTURELAND​ gathered us to see the latest trends in beauty and hairstyle through the eyes of ​Adrian Perjovschi​. ​ANNEMA​ was there to support ​JOVSKY STUDIO’s​ vision in hairstyles, on the catwalk. To open the show was the collaboration between JOVSKY STUDIO and GILLETTE VENUS​ with a custom made piece from ANNEMA to represent the femininity, beauty, love and desire associated with the greek mythology goddess ​VENUS​. Up next on the runway we were presented the collaboration with HEAD&SHOULDERS, ANNEMA and other romanian designers along with the talented stylist ​LUCY FAUR​.


“​We had models wearing all the colors of the upcoming season: red, copper, blond, chocolate bronze, yellow, ginger and obviously blue, the color of the year. We had suggestions not only for boys but also for people that need vanguard hairdos, statement for special events. We came with hairstyle options for all hair lengths, integrated the evergreen pixie style but also the fringe bob. We presented 80’s inspired hairdos, with over the top volume, crimped hair, different types of braids with a split down the middle or to the sides. We had 5 hairdos for special occasions which we sculpted like art pieces. – Adrian Perjovschi​ (Founder of ​JOVSKY STUDIO​). ANNEMA is proud to have been there on the catwalk, supporting Perjovschi in his vision, celebrating 18 years in the industry and being one of the leading voices when it comes to hair and a master of drastic look changes.


CHECK OUT the full ​JOVSKY STUDIO​ concept in the video down below:

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