ANNEMA x Modic Fashion Editorial

Every year, the district of Tortona is flooded with fashion lovers from all over the world, being the reference center for fashion and design. Once a year, however, during the Milan Fashion Week, we can experience the unapologetic luxury and style of some of the bravest and innovating dreamers in the business. And although the energies gravitate around clothes and accessories, we can’t deny that there are also other binders at play. Attitude and fragrance. For this particular editorial piece, ​Modic Magazine has chosen as location a magical hotel on the same premises as and old perfume factory, right in the heart of the fashion district. We at ANNEMA are proud of this particular feature as it beautifully encompasses our beliefs that it’s not only about the clothes, but also about all the binders that help define who we are.


CLICK​ HERE to ​SEE THE ARTICLE ​on ​Modic Magazine.

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