ANNEMA x Directia 5 – Fii cum esti tu (Official music video)

We are all suckers for a good love story, where no matter the obstacles, no matter the doubts and fears, we overcome everything to spend a lifetime with that special someone. Directia 5​ have always advocated, through their music, for the undeniable love and passion that we all feel at some point in our life. For them, the curtain never falls and the actors remain on stage for eternity, celebrating the union of two souls, the undying story that is written and sung century after century. ANNEMA was chosen to celebrate with them in their new music video, for the song “​Fii cum esti tu​“. The song speaks about the need to be ourselves in order to be loved truly and completely.


We couldn’t resist it. ​

CLICK​ on the photos below to ​SEE THE VIDEO featuring ANNEMA’s designs.

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