ANNEMA x ESQUIRE Singapore x Paris Fashion Week AW20

The last stop of the AW20 fashion week? PARIS. The capital of chic and prêt-à-porter has opened its streets yet again for the fashion lovers, may they be designers, models, bloggers, vloggers, phorographers or simply curious eyes. This season, ANNEMA has been captured on the Paris streets, worn by Landiana​, vice-president of​ ​Feeric Fashion Week​, the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe, and one of the Feeric33 fashion design competition’s coordinators. She is wearing the ANN_11​ piece from the newest ANNEMA collection #11, captured in ​ESQUIRE Singapore​ article on Paris Fashion Week streetstyle.

CLICK​ on the photo below to ​SEE THE ARTICLE ​on ​ESQUIRE

Photographed by ​Vincenzo Grillo

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