ANNEMA designer, Anamaria Prelipcean, in FAMOST Magazine

This October’s issue of ​FAMOST magazine brings you an insight about the birth and aspirations of the ​ANNEMA brand, through a delightful interview given by none other than the “Mother” of ANNEMA,​ Anamaria Prelipcean. In between these lines you will find the candid memories, thoughts and dreams of a little tomboy who found her path towards womanhood through not only the love for others but also the love of fashion. This love is reflected in all ​Anamaria​‘s creations and it is her determination and talent that have put the brand on the Romanian fashion industry map. Fashion is a tool for self expression and ​ANNEMA is opening the doors and letting you into the magical world of self discovery and exploring of our limits.


With a dream of shifting the attention from Fast Fashion towards dressmaking and tailoring in order to bring back the connection between a person and it’s clothes, ​Anamaria has joined the Slow Fashion Movement, treasuring:

● quality over quantity

● caring for the environment

● protecting human rights

● conscious buying and thoughtful purchases


Instead of ending up buying a lot of pieces, not because you connect with them and they bring value to your wardrobe but because they are cheap, leading to you frequently throwing away clothes you don’t want, Anamaria is proposing the idea of exploring more the idea of purchasing items that are custom-made on your needs and last longer due to their higher quality.

The question should never be “​What should I wear? ​ ” … it should always be “​Why am I wearing it?” You can download your own copy of October FAMOST issue ​HERE


Or you can check Anamaria’s interview ​DOWN BELOW​.

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